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Who is Discernity?

Discernity is a Louisville-based company that provides high-quality internet and DirecTV service to residential buildings across the region and is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible.


Louisville, KY

The problem.

Before coming to us, Discernity's website was a relic of an older time. This was brought to their attention during a time where they also decided they needed to shift their image to a customer-first focus.

Technologies Used

  • Mobile Responsive
  • WordPress CMS

Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Integration

Our solution.

Vantage created a fully-custom, responsive, WordPress-managed website that is simple to use and made it clear that Discernity is a modern company focused on the customer. We also refreshed their branding, including an updated logo and brand color scheme

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