Project Giveback.

You have given your community everything, let us give back to you.

What is Project Giveback?

Project Giveback is Vantage’s way of giving back to non-profits — some of the most important organizations a community can have. Often, non-profits cannot dedicate resources to creating a website that helps them reach their goals, such as fundraising, finding volunteers, or simply accomplishing their missions. Through Project Giveback, Vantage is working with non-profits to help them help our community.

Why are we doing this?

Since the beginning, we at Vantage Innovative Solutions have always wanted to give back to the community that has given so much to us. We realize there are countless non-profits around our city that are already helping our community better than we ever could. Project Giveback was born to better help non-profits accomplish their missions by providing our expertise and resources to make sure their missions are available for the world to see.

What do you get?

We will provide guidance and collaborate with you step-by-step to build you a free, professional, and custom tailored website that fits your specific needs. The offer does not cover hosting costs, but we’ll be happy to work with your organization to make sure your needs are taken care of the best we can.

What are the requirements?

If you are a 501(c)(3) that operates and conducts the majority of its business inside the Louisville Metro then you have met all of the requirements. We want this to be as simple for you as it can be, so all you need to do in order to be considered is fill out the brief form and answer the two questions below. Any applicant that meets the one-and-only requirement will be considered. 

Apply Below

We review and consider all applications. The deadline to apply is by the end of Friday, February the 14th. We will reach out to you shortly after receiving your application to discuss in further detail, your vision for a website, how the process will work, and what you can expect from us.