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How It Works:

We send a text message directly to your cellphone approx. 2-3 prior to the checkpoint setup indicating the exact or general location the checkpoint is scheduled to be conducted. You receive alerts only within the selected 10, 15 or 20 mile radius of your zip code.

We work hard each day to accurately obtain this difficult information. By law, agencies are required to publicly announce the checkpoint locations and dates 30-days in advance. Our developed advanced software searches hundreds of police press releases each day and find the hidden information in the small print. We also rely on local and state police agencies that report alert announcements directly to us via fax, phone call, or through our website information form. Individuals are able report known locations online or by calling our toll free hotline number.

Subscribers are allowed to edit their personal information such as, cellphone
number, phone carrier, zip code and mile radius the alerts are received within.

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